I do not identify as a feminist.


The philosophy of my life does not permit me to do that.

And I will tell you why.

Feminism is an argument that defeats itself even before it starts.

It makes the male species the standard of equality and excellence.

Such that women have to “fight” to be equal to men.

And I say a resounding NO.

I am not equal to a man.

That would be way below what the creator intended for me.

I am equal to the 4.5 billion cells in my brain.

I am equal to its processing speed of millions of bits of information per second.

I am equal to being anything I want to be in this world.

When the United Nations carefully hand picked 15 university students from across the globe to sit on its highest committee at the youth conference of 2011, and I happened to be one of them; I was not thinking of the boys in the committee when I spent the entire night at my sister’s house in Lagos, writing my position paper.

If that was a race, I was running to defeat my old self, not the boys, because my worth came from deep within my being and not from attempts at being equal to them.

When I was called to receive my prize of best position paper, I wasn’t happy I had defeated the boys.
I was happy that I had outrun my old self and added another feather to my cap.

Feminism creates an unworthy opponent (the abilities/achievements/privileges of men) and sets women up to compete with it.

I would rather summon the billions of cells in my brain to a meeting and throw down the gauntlet to them.

That is the kind of competition women should be in.
But society has deceived women to believe they have to “fight” to be equal to men.

And that makes men with low self esteem very happy.

“At least you people are fighting to be like us, naa! Lol!”
You see how the argument defeats itself?

That is why I do not subscribe to it.

I am at a far higher level with women like Phillipa Fawcett who was admitted to study at the University of Cambridge without the prospects of getting a certificate.

She didn’t go about carrying placards.

She simply sat, summoned her brain and put it to work. And when the final results came, she smashed the records of the entire university, dusting all the men with her superior grades.

Thus, a culture of oppression imploded on itself.

I am at a higher level with women like Margaret Thatcher, who became the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom just under a hundred years after women were being sold like cattle by their husbands on British soil.

This was what she had to say about feminism:

“I hate feminism. It is poison.”

For me, feminism is like a lion comparing himself with a cat.

Well, because the lion does not really know he is a lion,

And the cat who is feeling like he is a cat does not really know he is a crocodile.

Now, imagine that the lion realises he is really a lion and the cat realises he is really a crocodile.

So, how do you stage a competition for them?

You see where that leaves us?
Daalu nu.